Hey, my name is Aikea Rieko, and I wanna do your event.

I own the Plastik, and ive been around since 2004 and commercially since 2007-2008 on a larger scale.
I do this for a living and I enjoy it more than anything ive ever done, and I want to keep doing this for as long as i can,
moving into the future and continually expanding and improving upon my brand.
I am dedicated to continuing to bring high quality meshes and skins to my consumer base, which is at 12,500 and climbing with a subscribo base of 6500+. I’m also an arcade designer starting June 2017! 🙂

I’d love to be a part of your event. I am focused on making sure my items are to a theme if you are a themed event, as well as strict deadlines and rules. I dedicate my time every day to this and i love doing it.

I feel like i could bring something solid to your event or add to it in a positive way. I’d love to have more monthly scheduled events, or if you want to take me for a test drive, i can guest and you can decide if i am the kind of store you’re looking for.

Thanks for the time, and you are welcome to ask me anything you like, any time!
Aikea Rieko

Contact Info:

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