Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice:

Gorgeous new set for Winter Solstice Fair!

The Scara Mask: Gorgeous Mask with flowers, icicles, and an elegant, deeply styled motif. HUD controlled with 42 different textures for all parts. ❤


The Scara Earrings: Elegant, quirky earrings with HUD controlled elements, including flowers and metals.


The Scara Cuffs: Cute floral cuffs with HUD controlled flowers and elements, mod, tintable, resizable, with wrist and ankle versions.


The Scara Icicle jewels: Full jewelry UNISEX set with hud controlled icicles, metal caps, and metal parts. Comes with Male and Female versions.


The Scara Horns:  Really pretty horns with a bare version and a version with gently placed flower wreaths around the base. 49 horn tectures and infinite combinations.


There’s a gorgeous exclusive mask available only at the fair that’s glacial themed! Once the event ends, it’s gone foeva. ❤


Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on December 12, 2016.

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