Shiny Shabby Mugs

Shiny shabby:

The Mugsy gatcha is PERFECT for fall.

With 5 rares and 23 commons to choose from, every cup is more different and creative than the last.

Tha rares are:

Tentacle themed Lovecraftlookin’ mug with HUD that changes 10 different colors

Windup Mug with gorgeous Key mechanism – HUD changes 10 colors

Skull mug with gorgeous bamboo handle – HUD changes 10 colors

Magician Mug with removable bunny saucer.  – HUD changes 10 colors each for bunny and mug.

Femme Mug with elegant color fades and swirly handle – HUD changes 10 colors


Batwing Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Bite Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Drip Mug – HUD changes 8 colors

Heart Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Kitty Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Love Mug – HUD changes 8 colors

Ooze Mug – HUD changes 10 colors

Singlewing Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Teeth Mug – HUD changes 6 colors

Witchy Cauldron Mug – HUD changes 8 colors

ALL mugs come with a liquid changer, preloaded with 15 different liquids, ranigng from tea, coffee, herbal mate, hot chocolate, foamy cappuccinos, and more to suit your need.

ALL mugs come with a wearable AND a rezzable version, and all are modify and low impact. You can get them pretty dang big, and all are nano capable so you can also get them pretty dang small.

Check them all out at Shiny Shabby November, and afterwards, at the mainstore!



Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on November 21, 2016.

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