Enchantment February!

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Enchantment is OPEN and the Last Unicorn-themed event kicks some SERIOUS Ass.

Come check out everyone’s gorgeous creations! As usual, I went overboard like I do with Enchantment.

Four New Releases:


The Amalthea Jewelry.
The Amalthea Jewelry is the embodiment of elegance. A gorgeous spherical jewel-encrusted swirled pendant made of precious metals houses a sliver of unicorn horn, a rare find.
The Jewelry comes with a HUD that controls the Studs, the Diamonds, and the Horn style of all of your jewelry. 35 Studs and diamonds to choose from, 25 horn variants included.
Included jewelry pieces:
Velvet Pendant
Male Long and short cord necklaces and Chain Necklace
Long, medium, and short female chain necklaces
Long and Short earrings
Choker, Short, med, and long Cord Necklaces
A beautiful, elegant staple item for any wardrobe.
9 metal types to choose from.

Amalthea Main

Amalthea Previewer

The Extinct Magic Cloches.
These Cloches are gorgeous Decor items that are 100% Custom Mesh.
Low LI, and the ability to be scaled up huge, combined with gorgeous rendered textures, glass dome, and morbid but still pretty unicorn skulls with beautifully rendered horns.
4-6 Variants included with every variant, these are sure to go well anywhere. Light Wood, Dark wood, ceramic, black porcelain, and more options as bases to fit any style, any mood.

Extinct Cloche-Main

Cloche Previewer

The Unipony Jewelry.
100% custom mesh, precious as heck.
Tiny meshy unicorns with long, flowing manes adorn this simple, yet adorably elegant and cute jewelry set.
The included HUD controls the jewelry metals for the entire set as well as the beads that accompany the unicorn pendant!
Ten different types of unicorn coats to choose from, ranging from evil black and red, to magical white with rainbow manes, to tawny browns and more.


Unipony Previewer

The Whimsy Sleeves.
These 100% custom mesh, gorgeous RIGGED Sleeves come with a MAITREYA and a SLINK fitted version as well as STANDARD SIZES.
They’re so frickin’ WHIMSICAL AND JUNK. These sleeves are long and go up to the elbow, and down over the hands. They work well and dont clip with any of the styles of slink hands
and have been tested for the optimum fit and puffyness. They come with a HUD that controls the metal eyelets and laces that go along the inner span, so that they can match whatever you pair them with. Buy the
charcoal ones for a great addition to any evil or villainess outfit, or buy the white, magical ones for a great addition to any fairy, elf, or anything outfit!


Whimsy Previewer
Be sure to try a demo. THIS IS RIGGED MESH.
It comes in all Standard Sizes and Always with an alpha
and an Alpha texture for modding to the perfect fit.
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:







~ by Vae on February 14, 2016.

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