The Severelle Purses and Clutch!
the Severelle purses and Clutches are gorgeous, 100% mesh purse/clutch combos that feature gorgeous rendered leather, angular batwing accents,
metal-lined gemstone inserts, studs, and gorgeous color schemes. There are 16 to choose from, ranging from snow white to dark pitch black with blood-red linings,
and a hud is included that enables you to choose from 20 different strap and clutch metals and 20 gemstones.
Comes in TWO WEAR OPTIONS, Left and right holding Clutch, and a strapped shoulder hanging version. Anim plays on attach, and is a high priority anim.

Severelle Purses -Main

Severelle Previewer

100% Custom mesh jewelry box. Low Land Impact, Moddable, Tintable, Resizable, Gorgeous 3D-Real Effect Textures. 10 different wood variants included .

Roh Jewelry Box- Main


The Seavyr Jewelry.
Fitted to both MAITREYA LARA Hands and Slink CASUAL Hands!
Gorgeous, 100% mesh ring set and bracelets.
Bracelets come in left and right versions, Black, Brown, and White leathers, and are sold in 7 different metals.
Bracelets feature a nameplate hud that’s got 35 sayings and cute words to choose from, like “Forever” and #1 Girlfriend”.
There are some sool sayings and words for guys as well as some for the nerdy people!
The Rings feature gorgeous custom rendered metals, oversized gemstone accent ring, and gorgeous hexagonal rings with band accents.
The rings are fit for maitreys and slink and are EASILY fitted to other hands as well.
The Gem is pre-programmed with 30 gemstones.

Seavyr Jewelry- Main

Seavyr Previewer
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on January 22, 2016.

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