Collabor88 November

I’m SO Excited to be in this round of COLLABOR88!!

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Bitter Chill Scarf Main

The Bitter Chill Scarves!

These 100% custom mesh scarves  are perfect for the Fall Season!

There are 15 variants to choose from, in a ton of different fabric styles and colors. Each of the 15 variants comes with a HUD preprogrammed with 15 different colors or types. Every scarf you buy is 15 scarves, so theyre sure to match whatever outfit you wear!

The Wander Boots Main

The Wander Boots!

The Wander Boots are 100% Custom Mesh Boots with Optional Socks.

They come with a HUD that controls the Eyelets, Laces, Soles, and Socks.

It comes with 10 eyelets, 30 Sock Variations, 20 Laces, and 15 Soles so that they match

Every single thing you could possibly need them for!

Choose from 14 different shoes, all hudded and all moddable.

Works with any feet- just take them off and put your boots on. ❤

Wander Previewer

I did a special Set for C88- a jewelry set called Era. It features gorgeous hourglass design,

Hud controlled glass and Sand/Glitter, and 4 different metal types.

After C88 is done, the Slate (Blueish grey metal set) will never be sold again!

Comes with male necklaces too, so no one is left out ❤



To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on November 8, 2015.

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