Madelina and Roure

TP To Plastik Inworld

The Madelina Dresses and Heels.
The Madelina Dresses & Heels are a combination 100% mesh dress (With optional top only) and cute as heck heels.
They come as matching sets and the dresses are rigged to all standard sizes, the heels are rigged to the Sklink High feet.
They come in 25 different variations to choose from, ranging from deep black to light, popular patterns, to elegant dark gothic motifs.


Madelona Previewer


The Roure Boots.
The roure boots are awesome, 100% mesh rigged boots that come in all standard sizes.
There are 25 amazing variants to choose from, ranging from pure white to unicorn fades, leather, galaxy,
and gothic and faded patterns. Featuring a high heel and mid-thigh length.


Roure Previewer
Be sure to try a demo. THIS IS RIGGED MESH.
This product is for the SLINK HIGH FEET:
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.
Other Slink feet:

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on September 24, 2015.

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