The Mehrik Earrings

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The Mehrik Earring for The August 2015 Round of The Fantasy Collective is inspired by the rounds overall theme of “Anarchy”. The actual definition is as follows, “a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.” As you can well imagine, this can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I’ve decided to go with a very well known symbol of “Anarchy” and that would be the Skull and Crossbones. The Skull and crossbones have been a well established symbol of “Anarchy” throughout the ages. From Pirates to Bikers, the Skull and Crossbones represent their angst and aggression toward the accepted and organized rule of Government. In other words, it’s a big “F@*%k You!” to the man!

The Mehrik Earrings comes in 14 metals, 30 gemstones, & 20 Skull textures. This is all included within the HUD that is included with purchase of the actual earrings. The set is 249L. My Team and I hope you love this set and if you’d like to see more things like this from The plastik, please send your comments, questions, or concerns to: Sorcha Irelund, The plastik’s Store Manager


Skull Ad


The Plastik has been a staple in SL since 2006, making it one of the original iconic Second Life stores. When you think of The Plastik you automatically think of gorgeously textured skins, horns, make-ups, accessories, and clothing. The plastik does it all effortlessly transitioning between one trend and another. The Plastik’s huge mainstore is literally a one stop shop for all your avatar’s needs. With the rise of Second Life Shopping Events, The Plastik has been able to showcase her unique work in all sorts of different genres.

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*Also, inquires concerning appliers should clearly state you SL Name and the Appliers needed. The Plastik is happy to do their best to fulfill your applier dreams. This can take some time, so please respect The Plastik’s time and you’ll appliers will be made and delivered in 1-2 weeks 😀 Possibly sooner if there isn’t a ton going on. Fill out this form as well:􀀀
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Sorcha irelund-The Plastik Store Manager & Event Coordinator

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