Plastik @ Secret Affair July

Plastik for Secret Affair!

The Morata Rings and Arm/ankle Bands.
These are simple, gorgeous, moddable, nano capable, and tintable so they will always fit you perfectly.
Comes sized in female sizes but can EASILY be modded for men!
The Fatpack option is also an awesome option- instead of all these loose pieces, they’re all nicely hudded up
for your ease, and so you can mod and edit them to fit you perfectly and not have to redo them when you want to wear a different color! <33
25 variations to choose from otherwise, from antiqued brass, tarnished silver, to deep blood red and fairy purple hues.
100% custom mesh. ❤

Morata-Main Morata Previewer

The Tehgrius Bracers.
Comes in MALE and FEMALE sizes.
100% custom mesh, awesome bracers~!
Hud-scripted with 20 different metals, and available in 25 different variations, there is sure to be one you adore.
From solid, deep black to light, airy silver, gorgeous scales and a latch-strap design, to elegant jeweltones,
there are so many aspects of these bracers that you are going to love.
There’s an optional alpha but these were meshed to fit perfectly to you! If they do not fit, they are mod so you
can modify them to make sure they fit you perfectly.

Tehgrius-Main Tehgrius Previewer

Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on July 15, 2015.

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