New Nymphai Satellite Store!

I have just finished setting up an AWESOME new satellite store at the new Nymphai, a GORGEOUS sim owned by a couple of my good friends!
I have SEVEN new releases out for this new area, and they are not out at the mainstore!
Save this new landmark and check back often for more exclusive releases!

The Amorie Dresses.
These are some seriously adorable peplum dresses.
From dark, intense skull patterns, to light, airy butterflies, there’s sure to be one you adore that will become a staple
in your feminine wardrobe collection. Perfect for date night, these dresses come with silver, gold, or black accent studs, and also
come with matching heelsfor a complete look, also with gold, silver, and black studs.
25 variations to choose from!

Amorie Previewer

The Zara Kinis.
The Zara Kinis are classically pretty bikinis in a wide range of colors and patterns.
Featuring a bandeau top, ultra-cute low cut bottoms, and a metal “V” Design that ties them all together, you’re sure to impress!
Can be worn underneath a fishnet top and a jean skirt for that “Just arrived from the beach” look, or you can pair the top
with a skirt for a boho look! The top and bottoms are separate for those with fuller figures, and they look great with a pair of flipflops!

Zara PreviewerTwenty five variations included, so you’re sure to find one you adore.

The Ciaran Dresses & Heels.
these awesome 100% mesh dresses are form-fitting, sleek, and dark.
They feature deep, intense patterns and colors, gorgeous shading and highlights, and are sure to be a wow-factor in your new wardrobe.
These dresses come in all standard sizes and are accompanied by matching High heels, encrusted with color-theorized gems and a gorgeous strappy feel.
the Heels are made to fit the SLINK HIGH feet only.


Ciaran Previewer

the Droth Boots.
the Droth boots are 100% mesh boots and they are modeled for the Slink HIGH feet.
Theyre knee high, gorgeous, and come in all standard sizes. They feature dark tones, rich velvets, leathers, vinyls, and fabrics,
And can fit to a lot of styles including Goth, Steampunk, and casual!
They have a HUD that comes with 4 metals, 10 sole, and 20 lace options so that they’ll fit your outfit perfectly every time.


Droth Previewer

The Helenius Dresses.
The Helenius Dresses are awesome 100% mesh Dresses with an asymmetrical flared skirt and low cut chest, gorgeous free-form folds and
a very ethereal style.
This dress comes with a HUD-controlled belt that comes equipped with ten metals, and 25 Gemstones.
Awesomely gorgeous dress that stands out. Be the center of attention in any room.


Helenius Previewer

The Kimora Boots.
100% mesh boots, over-knee, in a classic steampunk and mmilitary inspired style.
Comes in 25 deep, intense colors and variations ranging from slick black leather to deep, rough hewn fabrics.
Modeled for the Slink HIGH feet but you can totally get away with not wearing feet at all to keep your script counts down!
As always, modifyable and versatile.


Kimora Previewer

The Ragnhild Dresses.
the Ragnhild dresses are so totally reminiscent of the free-spirited culture.
Flashes back to burning man, tie dye, gorgeous tribal meets and insane, intense music, this dress will fit you right into that chill,
vibrant atmosphere. Featuring bright colors, mandala-style patterns, Florals, Aztec overlays, and much more, these will be sure to brighten
up any single room you walk into. Pair it with a pair of beaded flats, some bohemian jewelry, and a flyaway hair, you’re the very picture of boho chic.


Ragnhild Previewer
Be sure to try a demo. THIS IS RIGGED MESH.
It comes in all Standard Sizes and Always with an alpha
and an Alpha texture for modding to the perfect fit.
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on June 23, 2015.

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