Plastik for WLRP June!

Out at We Love Roleplay!

The Sakurata Earrings.
These gorgeous, 100% custom mesh earrings are some seriously awesome ear candy.
They come with a HUD and you can change between twenty different wood options, including some oak, panelled wood,
Acacia, oak, driftwood, and white and black plasticine options.
Choose the flower you want and light up the room with these creative centerpieces to any boho, natural, or any kind of look.
twenty different flowers to choose from, and they are mod so you can make them bigger, larger, hide the flowers, anything you like!

Sakurata-Main Sakurata Earrings Previewer

The Aerynne Jewelry sets.
The Aerynne sets are amazing, 100% custom mesh sets that are super gorgeous. Featuring gemstones, ethereal swirls, and a teardrop shape.
Each deep, elegant color scheme comes with:
Two pairs of horns
Two pairs of Earrings
Two circlets
Two belly button rings
Forehead accent Gem
Three rings
Five necklaces
Belly Chain Accent
Comes in 30 different colors, for a perfect match/accent to every single outfit, every time.
You won’t find a more beautiful accent set anywhere else.

Aerynne-Main Aerynne-Supplement Aerynne Previewer

The Cephas Gowns.
the 100% mesh, gorgeous Cephas gowns are multi-use gowns with a gorgeous neckline and some serious flair.
These feature a long, floor length design, scoop necked upper outer fabric, and gorgeous highlights and shadows.
These come in all standard sizes, as well as a Fitmesh version. They are tintable and moddable and there’s sure to be one you adore.
Comes in 25 different colors as well as FIVE special colors when you buy the fatpack. ❤

Cephas-Main Cephas Previewer
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on June 4, 2015.

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