Plastik @ TSA!

Two new releases for Secret Affair!

The Salvie Earrings.
The Salvuie Earrings are gorgeous 100% original custom mesh earrings that are packing a serious amount of amazing style.
They are hud-controlled with 30 different gemstone colors so they’re sure to match anything you need, as well as SIX wear styles.
You get: A HUD, 12 Earrings: Bare, Faceted, Faded, Magik, Smooth, and Sparkle versions of every color you purchase.
Modifyable and nano capable for your perfect color, size, and use.


Salvie Peviewer

The Gloriah Halos.
The Gloriah Halos are awesome, 100% custom mesh gorgeous crown/halo combos that make you look heavenly! Hauh hauh.
These amazing halos come in six wear styles and are modifyable to the max to match any outfit you need it for!
These halos are really amazing for casual wear, formal wear, and pictures as well as a gods and goddesses look.
the Six wear styles you get:
Uriel: simple gorgeous single pronged halo design.
Samael: Pronged and square halo design with intermittent stud detail.
Raziel: Crazy studded crown with lots of studs and intermittent cross prong design.
Haniel: A very royal design with snowflake design on the front.
Azraele: A Full version of Uriel with an extra layer of prongs.
Arael: Half-crown design with full prongs, each with their own floating studs.
nonscripted, mod, tintable, editable to whatever your need is!


Gloriah Previewer
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on May 15, 2015.

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