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The Adeline Gatcha.

Adeline Gatcha Main

the Adeline Gatcha is seriously awesome.
With one Epic item, Two ultra Rares, Three Rares, and 24 Commons, These are a pretty huge collection of gorgeous hand jewelry for FGC 2015.

the Epic Item:

RIGGED Slink Hand jewelry, fitted to the UPDATED slink Elegant mesh hands.
Comes with a coloring hud programmed with over 100+ textures to choose from, with the Metals, Laces, and gems all being completely customizable.

Adeline Gatchabox-Epic Hand Jewelry

the Ultra Rare Scripted Circlet:

The Circlet is HUD- controlled with over 20 metals and 25 gemstones to choose from. Gorgeous custom mesh.

Adeline Gatchabox-UltraRare Circlet

The Ultra Rare Scripted Ring:
The Ring is also HUD- controlled with over 20 metals and 25 gemstones to choose from.

Adeline Gatchabox-UltraRare Ring

Three Rares- The Rares are Circlet/Ring combos in a bare UNSCRIPTED metal and gem option.
Gold Circlet and Ring combo, Silver Circlet and Ring combo, and Black Circlet and Ring combo.

Singular color Circlets (10) and Singular Color Rings (10.)
Grey, Pale pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Silver, Teal, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Bright Crimson, and vibrant Yellow are the custom colors
you can receive a circlet or a ring in.

Adeline Gatchabox-Common Ring CumuleAdeline Gatchabox-Common Circlet Gras
ALL items boxed for easy regifting, reselling, and we hope you enjoy!


The Ringare Gatcha.
Loaded with cool hand jewelry, let our your inner wild one with a collection of rings that are fierce.
Chance to win any of these awesome prizes: 2 ultra rares, 6 rares, 27 commons.

Ringare Gatcha Main

ULTRA RARE: Hud-controlled Crystal Ring

Ringare-GatchaBox-UltraRare Crystal Ring
ULTRA RARE: Hud-controlled Moon Ring

Ringare-GatchaBox-UltraRare Moon Ring
RARES: Gold, Silver, and Noir Cameo Gemstone Rings

Ringare-GatchaBox-RARE-Cameo Ring
RARES: Gold, Silver, and Noir Gemstone Dome Rings

Ringare-GatchaBox-RARE-Dome Ring
Commons- Double Twist Rings, Chevron Rings, Triangle Rings, Twist Rings, Swirl Rings, Siren Rings, Multi-Layer Chain Rings, And Flat Banded Rings.

Commons Previewer
All of these come in Silver, Golden, and Black metals Separately.

Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:


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