The 100 Block: Galaxie and Crotan

Releases for the 100 block!


The Galaxie Eyes.
These are 100% Custom mesh, gorgeous, multi-level eyeballs that put entire galaxies in your skull.
There are 20 amazing nebulas and universes to choose from, from the dark recesses of uninhabited space to bright, colorful scenes.
Each eye set comes in Wide and Narrow wear styles, are completely mod for the perfect fit, eye alpha and instructions, as well
as a matching makeup layer that has matching stars at the corners, giving your eyes the complete ethereal look.
To see a short demonstration video:

These are 3d eyes. Theyre not flat images on a surface. they have multi Level star density, individual glow on 6 separate levels, and they can be modded.
you can change the horizontal offset on every pair of eyes to adjust the space background however you like. the possibilities are endless.
You can also tint the stars whatever color you like. Complete customizability. No hud, just rez and futz with them and make them unique to you.


Galaxie Previewer

The Crotan Gowns.

the Crotan Gowns are gorgeously rendered, smooth, elegant full length formal gowns in a variety of colors.
From sterling, liquid metal silvered, to dark, sanguine reds and vibrant galaxies, there’s sure to be one you adore.
These come in all standard sizes plus a fitted mesh version, and thirty different variations.


Crotan Previewer

Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on April 10, 2015.

One Response to “The 100 Block: Galaxie and Crotan”

  1. Glorious work and stunning, rich colors!

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