Plastik for FGC

Fantasy Gatcha Carnival’s new round is awesome!

The theme is Rogues/Fairytales, and everyone went all out this round.

I have three new releases for FGC:


The Limited Edition Lockpick Earrings.

There are only a limited amount of these, so grab them while you can-

Amazing sets of 6 earrings, multiple earrings for each ear that you can choose in Gold, Silver, or Black.

100% original mesh, gorgeously rendered and detailed.

Lockpick Earrings Main SB READY

The Lahkshana Horns/Jewelry Gatcha.

The Lahkshana gatcha is PACKED with stuff.

40 commons, 10 rares, 2 ultra rares, and one epic are included, and the contents are as follows:

Commons- Bare horns in 40 different styles.

Rares- 10 gorgeous teardrop necklaces.

Ultra rares- One scripted earring set with 30 gem colors, and one scripted velvet choker necklace with 30 colors.

Epic- Horns with strings and jewelry, hud controlled, programmed with 40 horn styles, 30 gem styles, and 30 string colors.



Epic Info

Ultra Rares-Ribbon Necklace + Earrings

Rares-Necklace Pendants

Commons-Bare Horns


The Rogue Trinkets Gatcha.


The Rogue Trinkets gatcha is pretty cool stuff. With one machine for men and one for women, everyone can enjoy this amazing gatcha, filled with rogue trinkets and goodies.

16 commons, 3 rares, and 2 ultra rares are included:

10 Coin Necklace Commons, 6 Shield necklace Commons


Moon pendant with color change pendant hud

Dagger Pendant with color change pendant hud

Ball Pendant with color change pendant hud

Ultra Rares-

Entire set of custom mesh wire-wrapped jewelry including horns, earrings, chokers, necklaces, you name it. Scripted and comes with HUD to change the pendant. 30 colors programmed.

Coin Collector Horns- 100% custom mesh horns with cords wrapped around the length, and tiny coins collected from medieval travels woven throughout. Horns come with a string color change hud. 30 colors programmed in.

Rogue Trinkets-Main

Ultrarare info

Rare Ad-Ball Rare Ad-Dagger Rare Ad-Moon

Info-Commons Shield Necklaces Info-Coin Necklace

Come check it all out at Fantasy Gatcha Carnival!



To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

Ultra Horns Ad




~ by Vae on February 12, 2015.

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