Thrift Shop Feb 2015!

Thrift Shop’s February round is seriously amazing, guys.


I have two full releases, and NINE NEW GATCHAS.

First Release:

The Disastre Jackets.

The Disastre Jackets are intense, awesome 100% mesh jackets with a punk/modern flare.

These come in 25 colors/Patterns and feature dark, gorgeous leathers, supple calfskin, and futuristic space designs and patterns, As well as some minimalist black and white embossed patterns.

These jackets are opened at the chest in such a way that they allow more space for your mesh breasts and mesh body parts.

Be sure to try a demo!


Disastre Previewer




The Vyrr Skirts.

The Vyrr Skirts are super sexy high waisted skirts that are 100% mesh.
They feature gorgeous dark patterns and applique styles, Leather straps and metallic rivets.
These look amazing paired with a shirt cropped top or bandeau top, and with an extra tall pair of “love me hard” boots. Yeah, I said it.
Check out the demos- 20 to choose from.


Vyrr Previewer


To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on February 6, 2015.

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