The Iktharus Armor at TSA

At Secret Affair:

The Iktharus Armor.


This armor is truly a labor of love.
In progress since september, this armor has been tweaked, redone, tweaked again, rerigged, and tons of work has been poured into it to bring you the best possible armor your money can buy, for any thing you could possibly need it for.
This is a versatile set, with most pieces unrigged, and all pieces modify so you can make it yours and make it more unique and individual to your roleplay character, your outfit, or for any use you can think of.
This is 100% original mesh, and the unrigged parts work well on either gender.
The Chest Piece, sold separately, comes in XXS-XL standard sizing and also comes with a mirrored version.

Iktharus CHEST-SB-

Chestpiece Previewer

The pauldrons and collar, sold separately, are unrigged, hud-customizable, and are versatile for any shape/size avatar.


Pauldrons Previewer

The Bracers, Cuffs, and Ankle Cuffs, sold separately, complete the outfit and bring the unity together with matching, HUD-customizable accessories.

Iktharus BRACER-SB-

Bracers Previewer

These come in 45 different colors. Yeah, 45. I went overboard. Ranging from dark, intense leathers to light, airy silken fabric, there’s sure to be one you adore.


ALL METALS are changeable, as well as gems, programmed with FIFTY individual shades to match whatever the hell you decide to use it for. Seriously, this hud is insane.

Iktharus HUD
Come check them out at Secret Affair, and afterwards, at the mainstore!
Be sure to try a demo. THIS IS RIGGED MESH.
It comes in all Standard Sizes and Always with an alpha
and an Alpha texture for modding to the perfect fit.
Please make sure you are on a Mesh-Enabled Viewer to see this item correctly.

To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

Info Sign- Iktharus

~ by Vae on January 15, 2015.

One Response to “The Iktharus Armor at TSA”

  1. This armor is superb and the amount of time and work gone into it really shines through. ♡

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