Plastik for FROST 2014

Plastik for FROST 2014!

Awesome new goodies for FROST this year- Boots, Slink Nails, and a new take on the classic Morgana Gowns!

The Kolus Boots:
These are some bad ass boots. I had so much fun designing these that i went overboard!
These classically neo-goth/punk/goth/urban boots go well with a ton of different outfits and genres.
From futuristic cyberpunk to classic goth, these add a kickass touch to any outfit you wear.
These fit the SLINK HIGH FEET and cover them seamlessly! Available in 25 different patterns.


Kolus Previewer
New Slink Nails:
You know how obsessed I am with nailpolish, and these are further proof that i am!
10 gorgeous finger and toenail applier huds for SLINK Hands and feet, with ten different polishes per pack.
From subtle glitter to Lovecraftian tentacles, you’ll find that this nailpolish in SL is unparalleled.

Morgana Redux:
I took one of my gorgeous best selling gowns, the Morgana Gowns, and i revamped the hell out of them.
These Morgana Redux gowns are more intense, bold, with new folds and highlights- completely redone!
From bold colors that fade into another color at the bottom, to the famous Poe Pattern, you’re sure to find one
that you simply cannot live without. Go elegant goth with the Morgana Redux Gowns this season.

Morgana Redux-Main

MorganaRedux Previewer
Come check out all the goodies at FROST!

~ by Vae on December 15, 2014.

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