Plastik at Secret Affair

Two new releases for you for The Secret Affair!

The Azre Gatcha.
This gatcha features some seriously amazing horns, and flower crowns.
For the naturist in all of us, what better way to connect with the undiscovered realm of the fae than to grace your glorious
noggin with some seriously amazing horns and handmade gorgeous crowns made of flowers and vines?
For the fantasy lover at heart, play for your chance at the gorgeous EPIC level horns, adorned with flowers and sticks and all things mystical.

Azre Main
The prize list is as follows:

35 common simple floral headcrowns

Common Weedbands AD
15 common simple twig/stick crowns

Twigbands Commons AD
10 rare ROSE floral head crowns

Rares- Rose Crowns AD
1 ultrarare hud-controlled set of horns (30 variations of horn)

Ultra Rare- Bare Horns
1 EPIC hud-controlled set of horns with flowers, twigs, sticks, roses, baby’s breath accents and more (30 variations of horn)

Epic Level Item Ad


The Tangle Horns.
The Tangle horns are 100% mesh, original custom horns in antler form that have gorgeous
wisps of hair clinging to, wrapped around, and all over the antlers.
There are 19 different huds as addons with any hair color you could possibly need.
Horns are unrigged, hud-scripted and ready for use, with 20 variations to choose from.

Tangle Horns Main

Tangle Previewer

Come check it out at Secret Affair!




To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on November 13, 2014.

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