Muse Headdress- FGC 2014

The Muse Headdress Gatcha for FGC 2014.

The Muse headdress is a longtime project, finally finished and finalized, brought to you for FGC Nov.2014.
The Muse Headdress Gatcha Main
This headdress is 100% Original mesh as well as every component making up it’s entirety.

Info Sign- Muse

The Full, scripted headdress is the Epic Prize, with 2 more ultra rares, 10 more rares and 60 commons.

Epic Ad2

Ultra Rare 2: Scripted Circlet with all 30 colors programmed in
Ultra Rare 3: Scripted Hairpiece Deco with all 30 bone, berry, and flowers programmed in

Rares: 10 rares in the form of gorgeous skull and floral headpieces
Rare Headpiece Deco Advert2
Rares Headpiece Decos

30 Mesh circlets
Commons SB-Circlet Advert2
30 mesh Head decoration loops
Commons SB-Loops Advert2

See the colors the commons come in here:

Colorchart- Commons

~ by Vae on November 3, 2014.

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