Plastik Bodymod 2014

4 new releases for Body Mod 2014.

The Asaia Markings Tattoos.

These come with Sinful Needs Appliers, Slink Physique, Lolas, Omega, Brazilia, Ghettobooty,PerfectBum, and Phatazz appliers as well as Body only option, face only option, and combination option.
there are 4 to choose from. Full, Faded, Dotless, and Dotless Faded.
Asaia Main

The Faoxe Tattoos.

the Faoxe Tattoos are gorgeous, simple eyeshadow tattoo layers at a discount price.
There are 15 to choose from, ranging to bright and vibrant to dark and goth.
Faoxe Previewer

A few of them up close:

The Oliavra Hands.
these are APPLIER ONLY Tattoos for Slink hands and nails.
they are gorgeous finger faded tattoos with metallic warpaint that stretches onto the nails for a complete look.
Two wear styles included- Stripes only and one with extra warpaint on the hands.

Oliavra Main

Oliavra Previewer

Lastly, Some slink nails!
I did 12 new collections of slink fingernail and toenail applier huds.
everything ranging from confetti glitter, Chrome metallic polish, to some gothic skulls with french tips for halloween.

Check them out here:

A few of the awesome variations:

Slink SB-Smelted
Slink SB-DuchessSlink SB-GorahSlink SB-Azteca

Check it all out at the Body Modification EXPO 2014! And have fun! ❤


To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

~ by Vae on October 10, 2014.

One Response to “Plastik Bodymod 2014”

  1. Please, appliers for the Mesh Body Project, body, hands, feet… Thank you!

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