Plastik- The Secret Affair

Plastik for Secret Affair, September 2014.
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The Kaelys Corsets.
The Kaelys Corsets are named after one of my best friends.
They are 6 months in the making, and after tireless hours of work and sweat and obnoxious rigging, they’re finally available to you.
These are a staple to every single wardrobe, and can be worn literally hundreds of different ways.
There are 40 to choose from, and they are HUD-scripted to change/hide the Metals, Ribbons, Fringe,
Laces, and Leather Straps. They are programmed with 30 different colors for each, so there’s no limit to the color combinations you can achieve.
the patterns and colors form an exotic, amazing range of choices, from pure black, to scales, to sewn patchwork leather, Lace, Blood-red Latex, and so much more. There’s sure to be one that becomes your favorite of the fall season. 100% Original mesh.

Kaelys Previewer

The Areiya Circlet Gatcha.
The Areiya Circlets are 100% Original mesh, scripted amazing circlets in gatcha form.
They are unrigged, moddable, and resizable for the perfect size and fit, no matter if you’re pixie, human, elfkind, or giant.
All commons come with a simple metals hud, preprogrammed with Brown, Gold, Black, White, Red, Creme, and Gunmetal Grey metals, so every single common can match with whatever outfit combination you wear it with.
Contact Sheet

Rares include: (UNSCRIPTED) Ethereal White, Golden, Brass, Mana-A dark, lush violet, and Pitch.
Rares Chart
The Ultra Rare- A really amazing circlet that comes with all gem colors on a customizable HUD,
As well as a multitude of 30 DIFFERENT METALS, Ranging from a purple that fades into pink, creme that fades into green, and so much more.

Come check it all out at The Secret Affair, Starting on the 15th!

Secret Affair Website:
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Event Issues: Contact Princess Manna Montana
Blogging Issues: Contact Duchess Flux
SIM or Website Issues: Gopu Aulder or Duchess Flux


To see all releases in chrono order on the marketplace:

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