8 ENTIRE Product lines have been added to the Satellite Store on GROWL.

Ariel Main
The Ariel outfits are Solid color gorgeous mix and match outfits with a tanktop and skirt combo.
They are soft and feminine and feature pretty curves and light, playful colors and patterns,
As well as a few darker, bolder colors and patterns.

Juniper Main
The Juniper Tops are Texture tops with LOLAS! Tango Appliers.
They feature cropped bottom design, gorgeous feminine patterns and colors
and are perfect casual tops to go with jeans or jean shorts, or a pretty skirt.

Kalina Main
The Kalina Tops are 100% Mesh Tops in All standard sizes with matching Alpha.
They have very hip and subtle patterns and look amazing paired with a jean skirt or a pair of slacks.
They are more casual creative and have pretty shading, dark curves,and matching buttons.

Keeley Main
The Keeley tops are semi-casual and semi-formal at the same time! You can pair it with a pair of leather
pants ro a daredevil badass look, or with a long flowy skirt for an upscale hippie chic formal style.
They are 100% Rigged Mesh and come in all standard sizes with matching alpha for modding.

Maelona Tops
The Maelona Tops are 100% Mesh rigged tops in all standard sizes with a matching alpha.
They come with LOLAS! Tango Breast appliers and are pretty, cropped sweater tops
that come in 20 different pretty colors and patterns, both bold and awesome or feminine and soft.
Pair it with a pair of jeans for a casual look, or with a skirt for a nighttime ensemble thats sure to please!

Octavia Main
The Octavia corsets are 100% mesh corsets in all standard sizes with alpha for perfect fit.
They feature bold, rich patterns and colors and a paneled, simple design thats sure to go
with a ton of different outfits! LOLAS! Tango Breast appliers available upon request.

Reia Main copy
The Reia Skirts are 100% Mesh skirts in all standard sizes with alpha for a perfect fit.
They feature simple, gorgeous colors that are made specifically go to with anything!
They are outfit staples that can be used in a ton of different styles and combinations
and come in twenty colors to match everything you own!

Rhea Main
Simple UNRIGGED mesh belts in two wear styles. Lined Option gives a more streamlined,
sleek look while the solid option blends in better to what you’re wearing!
Cheap and pretty, a good addition to any outfit.


These will never be in the mainstore. GROWL only.

~ by Vae on December 24, 2013.

One Response to “GROWL EXCLUSIVES.”

  1. Nice items for Growl doll 🙂 Anyway, Merry Christmas hun – Danno

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