The Saiyura Dresses.

The Saiyura Dresses.

The Saiyura Dresses are 100% Mesh wear dresses in 5 standard sizing sizes and TWO wear styles.
These come with a pair of MATCHING MESH GLASSES. Cause i wanted to, that’s why.
They feature ultra-realistic photography-grade gorgeous, urban party patterns, featuring sequins, glitter, printed silk, and more.
They come with a Fringed and a no-Fringed version and look amazing paired with a leather jacet and heels,
Or can even be paired with some jeans for a semi-casual look. Featuring gorgeous, decadent textures and attention to detail in the highest,
You’re sure to be a knockout at any event you attend.

Mainad-Saiyura copy



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~ by Vae on February 22, 2013.

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