The Naamah Body Jewelry.

The Naamah Body Jewelry is a gorgeous new, HUGE Release.
It is full body jewelry and accessories for any fantasy, gorean, or any kind of roleplaay imaginable.
All the pieces are MIX AND MATCH and you can create THOUSANDS of different looks with these.
The possibilities are freaking endless!

NAamah Mainad- copy

It comes with: (All mesh)

Chest in 5 sizes (Standard sizing-xs-L)

Rigged Feet jewels

Non rigged Feet jewels


Hips in 5 sizes (Standard sizing-xs-L)


Tango Pasties

Flexi Skirt in 3 styles

Sculpted Blindfold


Makeup Layers.

For the 20 different variations:

Skirt Changer- 20+ Colors:

Naamah HUD-Skirt-

Gem changer- 20 colors

Naamah HUD-Gems

Blindfold changer- 20 colors

Naamah HUD-Blindofld- copy

For modders: there is an optional Modder’s Kit with all the BLANK textures for this set
for those who want to make their own! Recommended for people who are fluent in texturing mesh
And have proper experience in editing programs, sch as GIMP Or Photoshop.
THIS IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. no selling the mods please.

There is also a MATCHING RIGGED MESH HAIR in this release, in 60 colors and 15 fades!
It was made for the crown, and fits it perfectly.
I recommend wearing this hair with the crown, but the set is entirely mix and moddable!
The Crown is UNRIGGED MESH and is MOD so you can mod it to a TON of other hairs!
Color packs- 12 packs of 5, 2 packs of fades.

Naamah hair SB- copy


To keep up to date on all the latest news, releases, and much more,
Join the Plastik update group!
The Plastik’s Update group inworld: ( to join, copy and paste into your chat, and then click the link that it produces. )


~ by Vae on January 31, 2013.

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