The Dusk Heels.


the Dusk Heels are 100% Mesh Heels with Foot/Ankle blend addon, that comes complete with a HUD with EIGHT Preset skintones ad a color picker/Luminosity ranger.
They feature bold, exotic, full and rich patterns, Gorgeous, deep textures and colors, and go well with a ton of different outfits.
Be sure to try a demo!



If you are having trouble matching exact skintones, these ARE MOD, and are easily tinted to the color of your choice.
Just right click the shoe and go to edit, and select texture- and select both the foot and the ankle blend. Color pick the correct tone,
and you’re done!
I have tested these against many skins and they work well with a variety of skins from all major designers, including my own
skins. If you cannot get them perfect, just drop me a note inworld and i will assist you the best I can to tint!

To keep up to date on all the latest news, releases, and much more,
Join the Plastik update group!
The Plastik’s Update group inworld: ( to join, copy and paste into your chat, and then click the link that it produces. )


~ by Vae on November 7, 2012.

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