The Euthanasia Corsets and Tomorrow Today!

The Tomorrow Today Fundraiser Sim ^

(Please note these items are only currently at the tomorrow today fundraiser event- The main release of the Euthanasia Corsets will be at the store after the event ENDS.)

There are 12 items for the Tomorrow Today Fundraiser! You can read more about them at
50% of the proceeds go to the Tomorrow Today Cause.

The Euthanasia Corsets are Metallic/Wrought Iron corsets in a number of different metals and variations. They come in 5 Standard Sizes, and also in an Underbust version.
There are Twenty Metals in all!
There is NO ALPHA LAYER for these. SOME BODY MODDING MAY BE REQUIRED. In order for them to come out the way i imagined, they had to be fit close to the avatar body but not cut in.

Make sure to try a demo!


To keep up to date on all the latest news, releases, and much more,
Join the Plastik update group!
The Plastik’s Update group inworld: ( to join, copy and paste into your chat, and then click the link that it produces. )


~ by Vae on October 30, 2012.

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