Swallow’s Pride Tanks – Aww Yea

Hello guys. Mitch (or Dread) here to give you the scoop on the latest Plastik releases! Up today we’ve got the Swallow’s Pride Tanks, fantastic from start to finish.

Another amazing release by Aikea, the outrageously talented creator of many sexy and sleek items like this one. It’s just right for all of your Summer time needs in SL and who doesn’t like staying cool and looking cool by the beach (or crypt, or space, or whatever).

The tanks come in many awesome colors and styles and feature feathered accents. These tanks are texture-based and done in super-high detail. A definite addition to any casual summer-wear, and I’d personally recommend any high-detailed light or dark jeans with flats or heels.

Come check it out at: slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Beautiful%20Machine/116/157/135

– Dread; The Beautiful Plastik Machine Editor/Product Reviewer

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~ by dread86 on May 25, 2012.

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