Gothicus Dorkus.

MY RACE is gothicus dorkus and i am awesome.


Anyways, i wanted to do two posts because i was bored.




Necklace 1:  *Cobrahive* Rippou Necklace (S) BLACK
Necklace 2:  *LC* E (C!) – Luck NomNom Necklace (mouth)
Necklace 3:  < Yabusaka > Alphabet Belt Choker test3
Necklace 4:  *Cobrahive* Kurosu Necklace S (chest)
Necklace 5:  < Yabusaka > Sword & Flare Double Pendant
Piercings 1:  .:ellabella:.  Hell’s Quaking (chin-f2)
Piercings 2:  .:ellabella:.  Heaven’s Descent (chin-f2)
Arms:  [GW] Cybernetic Arms
Tail:  [][]Trap[][] DemonTail Random
Eyes:  :[P]:-Haunt Collection-Sickness
Ears:  :[P]:-Elven Ear-Secret Garden-Noir
Hair:  >TRUTH< Mariska – ivory
Skin:  :GP: Moonbeam [Light] Autumn-Fatpack Bonus1 BL
Jacket:  *GF* Ruffle Bolero (long) -black-
Underwear:  *League* Duct Tape Panties -Bound (ul)
Corset:  <TheAbyss> [Black] Corset Prurience
Tattoo:  ::Para Designs:: Apocolpyse Light (v2 Layer)
Brows:  *Leafy – Brow 9
Shape:  :[P]:-Maiya-Emotive Shape-Satisfied (Personal, not for sale.)
Goggles:  >SS< Villain Goggles 1.0
Armor pieces:  =110prims=CA01K (Crash)
Pants:  G206 Pants – without (pants)
Makeups: Plastik- Swish (Unreleased)
Makeups: Plastik- Blushies (Unreleased)

~ by Vae on December 31, 2010.

One Response to “Gothicus Dorkus.”

  1. Where can i find the armor pieces? That’s the name of the store???? Thnk you!

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