LOTD 11/22- Fauneriffic.

Yay, another LOTD. I’m having fun with these!

Not much talking this time, because i’m incredibly swamped today. ❤ Enjoy!



Shirt: RunoRuno-Corsage- Development Version in Black

Tattoo: INflict: You Asked for Love

Bandaids: Plastik- Bandaids in Stark

Skin- Curio-Moonbeam-Yum-Fatpack Bonus 1- Blonde Brows (Gala, make a white eyebrow tattoo layer and i’ll love you forever.)

Collar- LostHaven-Wolfring White Posture Collar-Scripted

Makeup: Plastik- Soul Ink- FFFFF (Unreleased. A mishmash of a few other ones i sell.)

Hair: Curio:Paper Tiger in White

Ears: Plastik- Animalistic Elven Ears

Arms: Maitreya Armwarmers- Magnolia and Black

Cords: Illusions Cord Armbands- Black and White

Pierce: EllaBella- Rieko (Personal unreleased piercings)

Eyes- Plastik- Haunt collection- Storm

Chest: LAQ Skin Cleavage enhancer in Pale- (Works for the curio palest tone skins. Happyface.)

Animal Parts: Heavily modded Mutation Industries Fox avatar in City Smog- Layers by Me

Shape: Personal

Brows: *Leafy- Brow 9

~ by Vae on November 22, 2010.

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